Q: What are innovative solutions that Thai Takasago Co., Ltd. provide and what are they for?

A : There are various types of innovative solutions that our company deliver, these innovative solutions were designed to bring the best result and outcome. There are Clean room, HVAC, SWIT and many more of mechanical and electrical works, we also offer installations and controls of all systems based on our client’s desire. Thai Takasago’s innovative solutions bring suitable technology which help improving production quality, shortening a production process time which leads to a reduction of a production cost and energy consumption. For example, Cleanroom are often required in fields that need extreme cleanliness such as hospitals, factories and life science application. Because Cleanroom was created to manage and control temperature, humidity, pressure and particle matter inside the room.

Q: What are the differences between Thai Takasago and other construction company in term of Mechanical and Electrical system?

A: Because we provide mechanical and electrical system which are the significant of life lines for building and factory. We bring the suitable and appropriate performance automatic control, central monitoring system, substation, and electrical equipment, not only just providing these systems but we also design the system which help customers save the energy for eco-friendly environment.

Q: Thai Takasago Co., Ltd. is specialized only in Cleanroom and operated in factory fields?

A: No. Thai Takasago has been developing and construct countless projects in various fields that include shopping malls, commercial building, hospitals, research facilities and factories etc.

Q: How long has Thai Takasago Co., Ltd. established?

A: Thai Takasago has established since 1984, for nearly 35 years. Our parent company in Japan “Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.” has been operating for almost a century since 1923.

Q: Thai Takasago Co., Ltd. acts as a constructor only?

A: Certainly not. We also offer “Turn-Key-Design” which we design and install the whole construction in every inch of details. Not only we provide innovative solutions and services from the very beginning step but we also provide a warranty each time we construct for our valuable clients, we have our well-experienced engineers who are strictly obliged to check their works on site.

Q: Construction made by Thai Takasago Co., Ltd must be extremely expensive?

A: We have a major diversity of price range as our clients require. We offer constructions, installations and build etc.  Furthermore, we have standards deriving from our parent company “Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd”. Our clients can rest assured that all of your money will be worth every baht when you are having service from us.

Q: How to contact Thai Takasago Co., Ltd.?

A: You can simply contact us via Email (ttc.contact@tte-net.com), Tel (+66 2751 96959)

Or come to discuss with our construction experts at

Bangna Towers C, 16th Fl., 40/14 Moo 12, BangnaTrad Rd., K.M.6.5, Bangkaew, Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540 Thailand