Air Purifier ERU


Nowadays, the majority problem in Thailand is the spreading of COVID19 virus in the air  which increasing in risk of living life especially mutual area such as office, school, and so  on. Not only virus mentioned, but also air pollution coming from power generation from  coal, the manufacturing, vehicle emissions, waste burning. These matter affect to short-  term and long-term health

Hence, clean air is essential to us all, and Takasago aware of the usage in both  commercial and residential environments. So, we bring out the solution to purify the air  quality by “ERU” Air Filter unit which can filter Covid19

According to the professional research, the HEPA filter that we use in ERU removes  about 99.9% of dust particles and impurities from the air including pollen, mold, spores,  pet dander, dust mites, and virus



Laboratory area


Office space


Office factory




Clinic area


Restaurant and Cafe




  • HEPA Filter: Dust capture rate 99.97%
  • Objective collector size 0.3 micron
  • Air change rate 2.8 time/Hrs.
  • Support dust filtration for PM.2.5
  • Capability to filter Pollen, Dust mite, Dust, PM2.5, Virus, including Covid19

Simulation of concentration changes in room

Condition Room status: No ventilation system

Area:121㎡ (11m×11m)

Airflow:18㎥ /min

Ceiling height: 3m

Room size :  363㎥

Air change rate: 3 times/hour

Relative concentration: 0 ~ 100%

※ Compare the initial state as 100%

【 Initial state 】

Dust 0.3μm 100,000 pieces

【20 min later】

Dust less than 30%

【 34 min later 】

Dust less than 20%

Air ERU Page 5 Pic 5.3

【 47 min later 】

Dust less than 10%

Air ERU Page 5 Pic 5.4


  • Electric wire length 3 meters
  • Noise level 49.5 dB(A) without prior noise regarding inverter fan
  • Capability up to 120 sq.m. more than the usual air filter 2.5 times
  • Air flow 17 m3/min
  • Power 220 V with Plug in
  • One year warranty

Current and previous customers

Sony Device Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Bangka-di)


Atsugi Vaccine Venue (Atsugi, Japan)


Kanagawa University (Yokohama, Japan)



  • Eru uses a HEPA filter, can it capture the virus?

The size of Covid-19 virus is 0.1μm, but the standard of HEPA filters  is a collection efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3μm.

  1. 99.97% at 0.3μm is just a standard, it doesn’t mean that it can only  capture up to 0.3 μm. It can also capture 0.1 μm virus. An interesting study performed by NASA indicated that HEPA filters were able to capture sub-micron particulate down to 0.1 micron.
  2. By the way, HEPA Filter is also used in hospitals that take measures against  infectious diseases.
  3. In addition, viruses that float in the air are said to be several microns  because they move with moisture and aerosols.
  4. For these reasons, HEPA filters are effective enough to  capture viruses in the air
  • What kind of maintenance does Eru need?
  1. Eru is the same as a commercially available air purifier and does not require any  special maintenance. The components are only the fan and filter. It is necessary  to replace the HEPA filter once or twice a year. The price of the spare filter is  currently under consideration, but it will be around 5-10% per year
  2. Eru has a differential pressure gauge for the filter, so you can check when  to replace the filter.
  • Also, is there a risk of infection during maintenance?
  1. The Covid-19 virus is said to have the following survival time. 3 hours with aerosol, 24 hours on cardboard surface, 2 days on clothing  surface, 1 week on mask surface. Therefore, a large amount of virus does  not remain on the filter surface when the filter is replaced.
  2. When replacing the filter, wear gloves, a mask, and a face  guard, and use an alcohol spray to kill the virus on the surface  of the filter, so that it can replace with sufficient safety.