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LOMA is developed to improve operational efficiency and productivity in the industry.
LOMA aims to help users’ business achieve growth by providing end-to-end Iot solution
,which is designed aligning with customer’s pain point and requirements.


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Monitor real-time via devices from everywhere

LOMA monitoring system provides real-time data of machine and environment. Users can monitor ongoing status via web browser on their devices (mobile phone, tablet, and laptop etc.) when being off-site which make work life easier and more flexible.

Alarm before failures

LOMA sent notification to users’ email, SMS or LINE before status of machine or environment is nearly going out of set range. This function can prevent critical problem from happening, and also prevent downtime.
It helps every component function smoothly and decline hidden cost from maintenance and production waste.

Collect data on AWS cloud

Make work life easier by keeping data on world safest cloud server which offer limitless storage capacity and instant accessibility. Moreover, it helps employees who are in different geographies to collaborate in a highly convenient and secure manner.
Also, users will save cost and space for hardware investment, and collected data can utilize to analyze for cost saving, energy saving and resource management planning.

Export as CSV file

CSV file allows you to utilize data with many different business
programs such as Microsoft Excel.
Output data is editable so users can transtorm data into any kind of formats,
such as graph, to reach its effectiveness  Also, users will save cost and space for hardware investment, and collected data can utilize to analyze for cost saving, energy saving and resource management planning.

IoT Solution & Industry 4.0

LOMA serves advance lot solution service aligned with user’s requirements

such as Industry 4.0 transformation, OEE, ERP and TMP.


Accurate & reliable data

LOMA provide you accurate data, unlike data record manually, leads to accurate report and analyzing result.
This data base is key resource to create effective operating plan.
Another benefit is the record of precise data can be an evidence to certify quality control standard.

Quality control

24/7 Realtime monitoring and failure alert function make thing easily to control even when being away. User can prevent any malfunctions which effects on quality of the product.

Easily access to data

LOMA’s dashboard is designed to be friendly for everyone, not only expertise. Cloud server storage allow user to see the status of many places in one screen, conversely, while many users from different places and access to same data set.

Making operational plan

Collected data is utilized for creating Cost & Energy saving plan, preventive maintenance plan resource management plan

Develop to further on one platform

LOMA is end-to-end technology platform designed for the industrial Internet of Things. Users can use LOMA platform to generate Iot solution as needed.


Data measurement

Many types of measurement tools(sensor) can be provided as the requirement.

Here are some exsamples.


LOMA’s dashboard is user-friendly and customizable as needed.
Users can create the format that is the most practical for their business form.

Standard UI:

Standard dashboard displays real-time data, historical data which provide an immediate visual record of data. Also, period data shown, value range, notification receiver account can be set on dashboard.

Advance UI:

Standard UI has same fundamental of standard UI, but what they have in advance is 3D technology which
provide users reality visual and accurate measurement even in a very complex structure that difficult to access.

Strong Points

150 industrial protocols connectivity

Facility Monitoring System

LOMA can with more than 150 industrial protocols
which mean they can integrate with almost of all
type of sensors in the market.

iot,Facility Monitoring System,Real-time Monitoring

Experienced IT support team

and Engineer Team

ThaiTakasago Engineer Team who has expertise in M&E (Mechanical and electrical systems) together with IT support team from our partner, MAT, is the perfect combination to create the solution for your facility.

iot,Facility Monitoring System,Real-time Monitoring

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