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October 25, 2023

             52.TTC attended a seminar for Topic "AI & Cloud technology"

Thai Takasago Co.,Ltd. honored to be invited to a seminar organized by UIH and Microsoft on the topic

"Redefining Business Excellence with AI and Cloud for Your Digital-Native Organizations"

Mr. Sunti Medhavikul, Managing Director of UIH, shared insights on how to learn and adapt to the changes in the world of Generative AI era. This knowledge aims to facilitate working in various career fields and contribute to the creation of innovative solutions for the benefit of businesses.

Mr. Panot Kanjanasoon, Director of the Digital Business Group of UIH, Shred in the topic "Why AI & Cloud for Your Digital-Native Business?" This discussion aimed to enhance awareness and understanding of the potential of AI, which is currently a trending topic in the business and technology world.

Mr.Teerasej Jiraphatchandej, a Microsoft AI MVP from as a special guest lecturer on the topic " AI Unleashed : Igniting Your Business Potential"he invited attendees to explore how AI can drive businesses towards a future direction and provided inspirational insights for uncovering the true potential of AI, fostering new business opportunities and innovative ideas.

         Towards the end, there was a deep-dive case study discussion featuring Thai Takasago , Mr. Itthi Arisriswanawong, Senior IT Engineer, and Mr. Thanakorn Saeyong, IT Engineer, had the opportunity to share their experiences with the use of Microsoft services. They presented examples of cutting-edge Microsoft technology to enhance organizational workflows and drive businesses towards a future direction with new opportunities.

There are 2 moderators for the discussion
         • Ms. Pimsiri Rattansuntorn, Modern Workplace Solution Lead for Thailand and the Asia-Pacific region at Microsoft (Thailand).
         • Ms.Juntima Joondang, Senior Manager of the Digital Business Group at UIH.

Thai Takasago Company would like to express our sincere gratitude for this kind invitation to participate in the seminar and deep-dive case study discussion .
We hope that our participation will be of benefit to everyone within our organization.

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